Sunday, April 11, 2010

CHIJ Katong Primary on Massive "Smart" Trail

Pupils from CHIJ Katong Primary embarked on an extraordinary journey, taking a big step forward together with Marshall Cavendish Online.

The whole level of Primary 6, which consists of more than 200 pupils, simultaneously went on a learning trail at Labrador Park armed with Marshall Cavendish Online’s Trail Buddy innovation. Gone are days of pupils holding on to sheets of paper and pens. With the use of smartphones (iPhone) during learning trails, it offers not only functional convenience but also an opportunity to allow pupils follow-up activities such as discussions and reflections through the use of blogging features in the LEAD portal.

Mrs Tracey Hoa, HOD ICT for CHIJ Katong Primary had this to say from their experience. "Our girls where able to handle and navigate through the activities with minimal supervision on the iPhone!"


Marshall Cavendish Online is looking forward to collaborations with more schools in the near future!

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