Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learning Edge's 3rd Annual Animation Camp 2011

After two successful animation camps, Learning Edge, the training department of MC Online Pte Ltd, held its 3rd Annual Animation Camp on Tuesday, 31st May 2011.

With the support of Holy Innocents' Primary School in providing their school premises as well as huge prize sponsorships from our good friends at Peripheral Solutions (S) Pte Ltd, the event for almost 300 students from various schools islandwide proved to be a resounding success.

This year, we have incorporated several tech games such as using Webcams for Stop Motion Animation,Wacom Tablets for Digital Sketching (as shown above) and even iPhones for Real-Time Online Multiplayer Gaming (as shown below)!

And not forgetting the more traditional games that involve physical activities that students always enjoy.

Hey, we even had our own version of the famous iPhone app, Angry Birds!

At the end of the day, everyone went home lugging prizes and experiences that they will cherish and remember until the next Annual Animation Camp!

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