Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mathematical Olympiad Talent Quest 2011

Marshall Cavendish Online together with Clementi Town Secondary School collaborated for the second year running in organising the Mathematical Olympiad Talent Quest. Primary 5 and 6 students from all over Singapore gathered at this event on 20 May 2011 in a showcase of their mathematical capabilities and winners walked home with attractive prizes including an Apple iPad.

We also caught up with Mr. Choy Chan Hong, Head of Department for ICT at Clementi Town Secondary School on what he has to say about the Mathematical Olympiad collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Online.

1. This is the second year Clementi Town Secondary School and Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online) collaborated in the Math Olympiad. What made the school decide to select Marshall Cavendish Online as the partner again this year?

Mr. Choy:  MC Online have a reliable and proven platform that's capable of mass participation for our Mathematical Olympiad. Their wide outreach to the Primary Schools also proved to be of great help in the success of this event. We had build a great relationship with MC Online and they understand our objectives and requirements. Their commitment in making this event stretched beyond just purely sponsorship of the prizes.

2. What key feature did Marshall Cavendish Online possess that made Clementi Town Secondary decide to partner with us for this year's Math Olympiad?

Mr. Choy: We understand the capabilities of MC Online's portal and trust the reliability for conducting of online quizzes. Prompt and accurate tabulation of results were also key factors we took into consideration.

3. Are you satisfied with the support level provided by MC Online?

Mr. Choy:  Definitely! I would say that the support rendered had even gone beyond those provided by commercially-paid vendors.

4. Relationships and mutual understanding of needs between Clementi Town Secondary School has matured over the years, how has this benefited the planning and execution of the Math Olympiad this year?

 Mr Choy: The planning processes are definitely smoother as both parties are already familiar with the desired outcomes and expectations. The long-term partnership has created the confidence for the organizer to explore new ideas in the execution of the Math Olympiad. The high professionalism of MC Online representative has also resulted in greater trust and collegiality in the working relationship between both sides.

 Thank you Mr. Choy. We look forward to another exciting year of partnership with Clementi Town Secondary School.

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