Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Awards Received for SDMA 2011

Out of 545 entries submitted, 3 entries from our Infocomm Club schools have received awards from Singapore Digital Media Award (SDMA) 2011.

Title of Entry: "My Dream"
School: Chongzheng Primary
Award: Silver

Title of Entry: "The Bad Timing of Love"
School: Singapore Chinese Girls' School
Award: Silver

Title of Entry: "My Dream"
School: Singapore Chinese Girls' School
Award: Merit

Trainer Profile

Jason Lek (
Infocomm Trainer at Chongzheng Primary School & Singapore Chinese Girls' School

- Specializes in 2D/3D Animation and Design

“I have been in the Multimedia/Animation industry since 1992. I started as an apprentice, working under the mentorship of Steve Woods, an established British Animator. He was involved in the movies “Watership Down” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

I am a very versatile multimedia designer. This can be seen in my styles of drawing. I am strong in both Western and Eastern styles. Digital art and animation are my forte and I am also good in inspiring and imparting those skills to my students.”

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