Friday, October 30, 2009


October 2008 has been an exciting month for Marshall Cavendish Online as we hosted two visits by Filipino primary and secondary school teachers last 3 and 30 October. Over 50 teachers arrived at Marshall Cavendish Online headed by Diwa Asia Publishing Group Executive Directors Elma Ropeta and Jose Maria Policarpio and Vice President Jun Sayson.

The visit started at the Marshall Cavendish Online office with a presentation of the Genyo e-learning, followed by a school visit at Yio Chu Kang Primary School, a quick lunch and the finale, a tour at the Classroom of the Future (COTF) at the National Institute of Education (NIE).

In April 2007, Marshall Cavendish Online signed a partnership with Diwa Asia Publishing Group Inc. of the Philippines to bring Marshall Cavendish Online's digital content and LMS to the country. This was the birth of Genyo, the revolutionary e-learning program for Philippine schools.

Diwa Asia Publishing Group Inc. is the leader in the educational publishing industry in the Philippines, while Marshall Cavendish Online is the largest e-learning content and services provider in Singapore servicing more than 65% of primary schools.

Marshall Cavendish Online, having established itself in Singapore, receives strong interest from overseas educational providers. Leveraging on Singapore's reputation of a world-class education system and the strength of our e-learning content, Marshall Cavendish Online has started to bring its rich e-learning content overseas.

The feedback on Genyo e-learning portal has been overwhelming. After a year, Genyo now has access to 14 prestigious private schools in the Philippines and is targeting 25 schools by 2009.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Marshall Cavendish Online Grat.i.tude 2009

On 23 October 2009, The Asian Civilisation Museum was transformed into an arena of interaction, laughter and enjoyment for the guest and the Marshall Cavendish Online team.

The focus of the new initiatives presentation was the ‘Buddy Series’, to be launched during the second quarter of 2010. Among it, the ‘Trail Buddy’, that encompasses the use of Smartphones with learning trails. Many schools will definitely be anxiously looking forward to this innovative way of enrichment curriculum for the students.

The ‘Buddy Series’ comprises of ‘Trail Buddy’, ‘Maths Buddy’, ‘Oral Buddy’, ‘Writing Buddy’ and ‘口试满分’(Chinese version of Oral Buddy). The different ‘buddies’ have one common goal: assist and guide students to excel in the respective subjects.

Trail Buddy: Encompass the use of smartphones with outdoor learning trails to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

Oral Buddy and 口试满分: Gain confidence in oral assessments through exercising organised thoughts and honing oral presentation skills.

Writing Buddy and 写作满分: Sharpen writing skills with crafting skills and