Saturday, April 24, 2010

NCTM 2010 and Singapore Math

Marshall Cavendish Online participated in the annual NCTM Meeting and Exposition at San Diego, California on 21 - 24 April 2010. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase our Singapore Math digital curriculum to the educators from all over the world.

From the team that brought to you the successful Primary Mathematics Series, Primary Mathematics Online is a supplementary digital courseware that contains and maintains the original content and methods that have been used and proven effective in Singapore.

The Primary Mathematics series is based on sound research principles of effective approaches to teaching mathematics. Studies on the instructional approach have also been tested successfully in classrooms both in Singapore and the United States.

Users from United States can learn more about this offering at

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zenitant Alliance to Bring More Learning Trails for Schools

Marshall Cavendish Online recently announced the alliance and collaboration with Zenitant on the Trail Buddy. This partnership will be beneficial to schools widening the possibilities for schools to select the learning trail location of their choice, the subjects they want to focus on the trail and platform for the trail. Zenitant, with extensive experience and expertise in learning trails coupling Marshall Cavendish Online's digital advances, will be looking forward to providing more learning trail services to your schools in the near future.

For more enquiries on our learning trails with iPhone, email to


Sunday, April 11, 2010

CHIJ Katong Primary on Massive "Smart" Trail

Pupils from CHIJ Katong Primary embarked on an extraordinary journey, taking a big step forward together with Marshall Cavendish Online.

The whole level of Primary 6, which consists of more than 200 pupils, simultaneously went on a learning trail at Labrador Park armed with Marshall Cavendish Online’s Trail Buddy innovation. Gone are days of pupils holding on to sheets of paper and pens. With the use of smartphones (iPhone) during learning trails, it offers not only functional convenience but also an opportunity to allow pupils follow-up activities such as discussions and reflections through the use of blogging features in the LEAD portal.

Mrs Tracey Hoa, HOD ICT for CHIJ Katong Primary had this to say from their experience. "Our girls where able to handle and navigate through the activities with minimal supervision on the iPhone!"


Marshall Cavendish Online is looking forward to collaborations with more schools in the near future!

Marshall Cavendish Online Resources Extends To Indonesia

Students from the Singapore National Academy in Indonesia are now able to integrate LEAD resources as a part of their learning curriculum in class.

The Singapore National Academy is an International School situated in East Java of Indonesia that focuses on using Singapore curriculum as the preferred mode of teaching and learning. The use of LEAD content resources was naturally the next step forward for the pupils are Singapore National Academy as it was a perfect match for curricula structure and pedagogy involved. The multimedia digital learning content facilitates the pupils to better understand the subjects that are being taught and practice self-directed learning.