Monday, October 20, 2008

Nan Hua Primary School's e-INTERACTIONS@HOME 2008

On 16, 17 and 20th October 2008, Primary 4 students from Nan Hua Primary School took par t in e-Interactions@home 2008. They were headed by Mrs. Tan Siew Hong.

P4 subject teachers created lesson packages covering Science, Math, English and Higher Chinese subjects using the Marshall Cavendish Online LMS. They uploaded it for student’s use under Marshall Cavendish Online’s My Assignment section

The e-Interactions@home 2008 is held every year during PSLE marking days. Nine classes of P4 students were scheduled to come back to school for e-Interactions@home. Some e-learning packages were differentiated and designed to cater to the needs of P4 gifted students.

Through organised planning and designing of lesson packages and execution using Marshall Cavendish Online’s LMS, the teachers were able to pull-off a very effective and engaging e-learning day for the students.
The theme of the lesson package revolved around the Olympics with a welcoming message through a vodcast on Youtube that discussed about the history of the Olympic Flame.

1. Higher Chinese

The lesson package consists an introduction of Olympics, Beijing 2008 Olympics and a link to a vodcast showing how Singapore applied as host for the upcoming Youth Olympics in 2010 followed by a quiz about the video using Marshall Cavendish Online’s Test Builder feature.

2. Science

Using Flash player, the teachers showed how the people survived the Olympic heat during the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

3. Math

Through a PowerPoint presentation, the students learned the different kinds of graphs by showing details about the Olympics. In order to test the students’ understanding, they were given a few assignments to complete using Marshall Cavendish Online’s Test Builder feature.

4. Mainstream English

The students were tasked to do a role-playing activity where they will pretend to be interviewer or interviewee. With the use of Marshall Cavendish Online’s Chatroom, the students were able to accomplish the activity smoothly.

5. Survey

Through Marshall Cavendish Online’s Survey Module, the students were asked to answer a survey on what they think of the lesson package and the whole activity in general.

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