Friday, November 28, 2008

Compassvale Primary School's "Maths Around Us" e-Trail

Maths Around Us is an integral part of Compassvale’s Mathematics Programme. Using Marshall Cavendish Online’s MyWorlds game, students were asked to solve problem–based questions on various topics like shapes, average, percentage based on their class photographs posted at the foyer. All pupils had a wonderful experience in learning mathematical concepts through the computer game. Using their UMPCs, the students embarked on their e-trail activity where they were required to answer questions based on their answers on the Maths Around Us programme.

The objective of the programme is to extend the learning of Mathematics beyond the classroom. Because the activity took place in natural settings, the pupils experienced the application of mathematical concepts in real life situation. This has helped to instill in the pupils’ minds a positive attitude towards the learning of mathematics and to see its interconnectedness in their daily lives. Interactive learning has also been promoted through the use of Marshall Cavendish Online LMS and ICT tools for the learning of mathematics.

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