Monday, April 20, 2009

Singapore Mathematics Textbooks Adopted in the United States

From 2007 to April 2009, the team at Marshall Cavendish Education worked tirelessly to adapt Singapore Mathematics textbooks for schools in the United States (US). They persevered no matter how tough the challenge, working hand in hand with their US counterparts to make the textbooks relevant for American students. It was essentially a labour of love.

Mathematics textbooks published by Marshall Cavendish Education have become popular and widely accepted in schools across the US. At present, both the US Edition and Standard Edition of Primary Mathematics and Math in Focus are in use. (see Our Math Textbooks Timeline)

“We are approved for adoption in California and Oregon (for Primary Mathematics) and Indiana (for Math In Focus). Schools in practically all of the 50 states are using our programmes.” said Publisher and Deputy General Manager Duriya Aziz. Assistant Managing Director Tok Yen Hoon explained the advantage our publications offer, “While traditional US textbooks emphasise deļ¬nitions and formulae, Singapore textbooks build deep understanding of mathematical concepts.” According to Senior Production Manager Tan Hui Huan, the use of holistic teaching methods, creative illustrations and very importantly - the prompt delivery of products helped boost the popularity of the textbooks.

Designer Mohammad Kamil Bin Rabu echoed Hui Huan’s sentiments, “Our textbooks give students new perspectives and provide a breath of fresh air. Attractive visuals help them better understand Math.”

With such a growing demand for our textbooks, the team has been busy these last two years with adapting Singapore Mathematics textbooks for the US market. It has been a labour of love for them throughout. They persevered no matter how tough the challenge, believing in their product, and worked hand in hand with their US counterparts to make it relevant for the students there.

To sum up, the team can take pride in what they have accomplished, and enjoy the fruits of their labour.(Story extracted from October issue of Timeslink)

Timeline of Our Maths Textbooks in the USA:

2003 Primary Mathematics (US Edition) published with

2007 California Department for Education approves
the use of state funds to order Primary Mathematics (Standard Edition) for schools throughout the state

2008 Primary Mathematics (Standard Edition) published

2009 Math in Focus for children between Kindergarten and Grade 5. (the US version of My Pals are Here), published with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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