Saturday, February 27, 2010

Testimonial from Jordan

Marshall Cavendish Online participated in the inaugural event “Jordan International Education Exhibition” where hundreds of educators gather for workshops and seminars co-organised by The Jordan Educational Initiative (JEI).

The Rosary College-Shmeisani, which adopted the use of the LEAD portal, had two of the teachers to share with other schools on how the students have benefited from the LEAD platform.

“Most of our students are visual learners, so LEAD help them to learn more and easier. LEAD presents what the students see in their lives using the same technology, which makes the students more interested in learning.” Mentioned Ms T. Tamara Ghattas, a teacher from the Rosary College-Shmeisani. “It makes science FUN! LEAD was instrumental to students to continue learning from home during winter storm where all Jordanian schools are shut down for about four days.”

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