Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learning Edge's 2nd Animation Camp

With our inaugural Animation Camp in March 2010 proving to be a success, Learning Edge organised the second Animation Camp for our Infocomm Club schools.

The Animation Camp’s objective is to allow Infocomm Club students to apply and consolidate what they have learnt during their Infocomm Club training sessions and to provide an engaging introduction to concepts that they need for their further development.

About 300 Infocomm Club students from various schools attended the this Animation camp and our trainers were dedicated to make this event a success.

Day 1 was filled with exploration and discovery at the Pixar Animation Tour at the Singapore Science Centre, while Day 2 was filled with fun and exciting activities at Chongzheng Primary School.
"The event was a success. Thanks for all your hard work to put this one up." - Aitong School (Primary)

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