Friday, August 27, 2010

Improve On Essay Writing with Writing Buddy

About Writing Buddy:

Writing Buddy is an essential tool specially designed to help Primary 3 to 6 students become proficient writers. Developed in accordance to the latest Primary English Syllabus issued by MOE, it is a series of self-directed multimedia tutorials, activities and interactive practices. This tool aims to equip our budding writers with effective skills and strategies for story writing. The modular system also allows teachers easy access to any of the five modules in the programme to help facilitate differentiated lesson planning and cater to students’ diverse needs.

Key Features

• student saving work on the portal

• student retrieving saved work for further editing

• teacher marking assignment

- can view/ print individual assignment to be marked by hand

- can enter a score and type comments for individual student

• student viewing results and comments 

To find out more about Writing Buddy:

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