Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MediaCorp and Marshall Cavendish Online Innovative Digital Courseware for Secondary English

LuV English is a product of Marshall Cavendish Online and MediaCorp where students learn using videos!

All videos are carefully selected from MediaCorp's video archive and activities are designed based on the Secondary English curriculum. Featuring localised videos and the use of familiar celebrities, students are better engaged in the activities ranging from speaking, listening, writing, reading to language skills.

All videos are available in short clips or full episodes where teachers have a choice of selecting from a variety of available activities or designing extended learning activities.

* Sign up for LuV English Secondary before May 2011 and receive complimentary English Oral Buddy trial accounts for 2011!

Click here to launch LuV English trial demo
Click here to launch English Oral Buddy trial demo

For enquiries and demo, please drop us an email:

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