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MC Online at Marshall Cavendish Education Global Conference 2012

The incandescent dawning of the day brought forth a dynamic start to the annual Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) Global Conference 2012. The event was held from 29-31 August and was hosted at Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel. As an integral constituent of the Marshall Cavendish organization, Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online) was undoubtedly a part of this prestigious event. The conference was a cosmopolitan melting pot with 92 international delegates comprising of teachers, curriculum specialists and government representatives amongst others. The attendees came from 14 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Namibia, Panama, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the USA and Vietnam.

International delegates eagerly awaiting the start of the conference

The illustrious event was graced by eminent luminaries such as Señora María Jesús Honorato, Curriculum Coordinator of Chile’s Ministry of Education (MOE), Mr Tn Hj Suhaila Abdul Karim, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Brunei’s MOE, and His Excellency Luis Fernando Danús Charpentier, Ambassador of the Republic of Chile.

South American delegates with Miss Lee Fei Chen, Times Publishing Limited’s Head of Publishing (top row, centre)

The 3-day conference featured talks and presentations illustrating the 21st century education landscape with a focus on Mathematics and Science curriculum. In addition, the event also included a highlight of the essentialism of Infocomm Technology (ICT) in the educational practices of today. Congruent with MC Online’s core principles, the beneficial role of ICT in achieving the core competencies of 21st century learning was also underscored.

As a significant purveyor of superior e-learning services and solutions both locally and internationally, Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online) was indubitably a prominent feature in the conference. In tandem with the main focus of the event, MC Online’s digital curriculum for mathematics, Math Buddies, was showcased to an enthusiastic crowd who lauded the concept of online learning in educational practices. The delegates were intrigued by Math Buddies and did not hesitate to sign up for free trial accounts to try out the interactive curriculum for themselves.

Buoyant product demonstrations were given to the enthusiastic delegates

An end-to-end solution that incorporates a perfect blend of interactive multimedia activities and Mathematic principles, Math Buddies offers a refreshing change to traditional classroom teaching and learning. With online tools to aid teachers in their instructional techniques and provide additional guidance to students, Math Buddies utilizes an all-round approach that injects fun and joy into teaching and learning mathematics.

For more information about Math Buddies, please visit

The conference was opened with an address from Miss Lee Fei Chen, Head of Publishing of Times Publishing Limited, followed by enlivening presentations by acclaimed speakers Professor S. Gopinathan, Professorial Fellow of NIE Singapore, Dr Yeap Ban Har, Principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute and Miss Ling Yuan, Special Assistant of MOE Singapore. Professor S. Gopinathan analysed the opportunities for equality of education in Singapore and the imminent challenges faced amidst increased income disparity whilst Dr Yeap Ban Har expounded on methods to improve curriculum structure using the Singapore curriculum and the United States Common Core State Standards as a pertinent example. Both he and Miss Ling Yuan rounded up the day’s talks with a comprehensive overview of Singapore’s science and mathematics curriculum, providing delegates with an in-depth perspective on how to establish greater competence in global education through new learning theories.

Professor S. Gopinathan delivered an animated presentation on the education policies and equity in Singapore

Participants were then treated to a tour of the National Institute of Education (NIE) to see how teachers in Singapore are trained before returning for a fun-filled night of dinner and entertainment.

The foreign delegates mingled with local educators from Singapore schools at the networking dinner

On the second day of the conference, participants were invited to visit various primary and secondary schools for a more practical overview of the instructional and learning methods of Singapore’s education system.

The delegates had lots of fun visiting the local schools and interacting with the students

The conference continued with lively presentations given by esteemed speakers including Miss Peggy Foo, Lecturer from Marshall Cavendish Institute, Dr Yeap Ban Har and Señora María Jesús Honorato. Miss Peggy Foo gave an enriching commentary on Lesson Study in the context of the professional learning community as a way to facilitate professional excellence and improve teaching and learning practices. This was followed by a highlight of equitable practices as a way to enhance learner’s mathematical knowledge by Dr Yeap Ban Har and a detailed explanation of the approach taken towards implementing Singapore mathematics nationwide in Chile by Señora María Jesús Honorato. Participants were indeed given a discerning perspective on some of the educational solutions and practices that engage and build students’ knowledge.

Señora María Jesús Honorato gave a rousing presentation on Singapore mathematics implementation in Chile

The last day of the conference concluded with invigorating talks by effervescent speakers Dr Ho Boon Tiong, Principal Consultant of Classpoint Consulting and Mr Paul Tan, Head of the ICT department in Nanyang Girls’ High School. The former emphasized the importance of designing science curriculum through an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach to develop students’ potential for the 21st century whilst the latter underscored the positive impact of ICT in education by sharing his observations and experiences of using ICT in teaching and learning. Participants were given illuminating insights on the approaches and mindsets needed to attain and master the skills required of 21st century learning. What a great way to round up the conference!

Dr Ho Boon Tiong captivated his audience with his presentation on science curriculum for the 21st century

The delegates enjoyed themselves right to the end of the conference

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