Thursday, September 20, 2012

WrITers, IgnITe! Awards Ceremony 2012

Young minds were set alight once again at this year’s WrITers, IgnITe! national primary school writing competition. Jointly organized by Yuhua Primary School and Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online), this annual essay writing competition is supported by MC Online’s Writing Buddy and took place on 24th May 2012 at Yuhua Primary School.

Eager students registering for the writing competition

This year, 62 Primary 5 students from 17 primary schools put on their thinking caps and authored creative essays based on the situation “While chatting with your schoolmates online, you noticed that some of them were making fun of a particular boy in school. They also said embarrassing things about him that you knew were untrue.”

With the prevalence of cyberbullying in today’s digital age, writing an essay centred on this salient theme brought students’ attention to the dangers of online oppression and also underscored their sense of civic responsibility. This essay competition not only challenged students’ literary and creative skills but also helped them grow to become concerned, socially aware citizens.

Students from various schools excitedly awaiting the start of the competition

Students settled down in the computer labs and prepared to type away

The prize-giving ceremony was held on 13th September 2012 at Yuhua Primary School. MC Online wishes to congratulate all participants for their creative merit and outstanding efforts.

The prizes and certificates are ready to be awarded to the deserving students

Students eagerly anticipated their turn to shine onstage

The top 3 essays:

1st place: Ho Jun Yong Nicholas of Woodgrove Primary School
2nd place: Charles Lim Jun Hao of Woodgrove Primary School
3rd place: Anthea Low An Teng of Yishun Primary School
To read the top 3 essays, please click here

Congratulations to our top 3 prizewinners who won themselves a netbook (1st prize), camera (2nd prize) and iPod shuffle (3rd prize)!

Charles Lim Jun Hao, 2nd prizewinner (left) and Ho Jun Yong Nicholas (right),  1st prizewinner

Anthea Low An Teng, 3rd prizewinner

Merit award winners included:

Patricia Tung of Admiralty Primary School
Natalie Pak Shi Min of East Coast Primary School
Fan Chiang Kai Hsin of Lianhua Primary School
Chia Jia Nuo Daniel of Nan Hua Primary School
Kowsalya Ganesan of Northland Primary School
Lohitha Muddu of Northland Primary School
Wong Man Shun of Northland Primary School
Alyssa Savier of White Sands Primary School
Lim Zhi Yu Kimberly of White Sands Primary School
Kelsey Law Kar Tse of Yishun Primary School

Consolation award winners included:

Ang Tze Xin of Fernvale Primary School
Donovan Yong of Henry Park Primary School
Jeffrey Xie Fulin of Nan Hua Primary School
Zhang Zizhong of Qifa Primary School
Charlene Ngon Jing Ru of West View Primary School
Shamine Pang of White Sands Primary School
Joylyn Tan Yong Ying of Woodgrove Primary School
Natasha Lee of Xinghua Primary School
Yupar Tin Win of Yishun Primary School
Laura Jiang Feng Yan of Yuhua Primary School

Congratulations to all our participants!

Participants enjoyed reading the top 3 entries of the competition

MC Online wishes to thank Yuhua Primary School for hosting the competition and prize-giving ceremony, and is grateful for all their efforts in jointly organizing WrITers, IgnITe! 2012.

Thank you Yuhua Primary School!

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