Friday, November 23, 2012

MC Online Hosts School Educators From The Philippines

As the preferred e-learning solutions provider in the Philippines, Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online) was delighted to host school educators from the aforementioned country on 6th and 12th November 2012. The visits highlight the phenomenal success MC Online’s world-class e-learning solutions have been in the Philippines. This November, 88 enthusiastic Principals, Directors, Academic Coordinators and teachers from 65 Catholic Schools were treated to a mind-blowing experience of how Infocomm Technology (ICT) in education has ignited 21st Century learning in Singaporean schools. 
Delegates gained deep insights from the detailed presentations given by the host schools

The delegates were brought to visit Tampines Primary School and St Gabriel’s Primary School on November 6th and 12th respectively where they were given insightful presentations on the schools’ educational frameworks and the role ICT plays in enriching these frameworks for a holistic educational experience. The participants were then invited to observe and participate in ongoing lessons that featured lively students using ICT in class. The delegates were extremely impressed with how engaged and focused the students were and showered the lessons’ digital approach with praises.
Students engaged in active discussion during a lesson using interactive digital tools
An ongoing lesson featuring collaborative learning with tools that facilitate real-time evaluation of peers
Delegates observing how students use digital construction tools to learn independently in a maths lesson on triangles and their properties
Students using MC Online's learning portal's multimedia activities to reinforce classroom-learnt concepts
The next part of the tour involved a visit to MC Online’s office at Times Centre where delegates learnt more about Singapore’s educational structure and MC Online’s role in enriching education of today.
Mr Jasmond Ng (above), MC Online's Assistant General Manager of Sales & Marketing illustrated MC Online's role in enhancing 21st century learning 

The interactive session ended on a meaningful note with the participants discussing and reflecting on all they had learnt during their visit here. The event was a tremendous success with many of the delegates expressing their desire to come back and learn more about Singapore’s education system and the incorporation of ICT into teaching and learning.

Delegates had a stimulating session sharing their thoughts on their visit here
Participants had a blast during the visit and enjoyed themselves thoroughly
MC Online wishes to thank all participants for contributing to the success of the event, and is grateful to Tampines Primary School and St Gabriel’s Primary School for their gracious hospitality.
Thank you Tampines Primary School
Thank you St Gabriel's Primary School

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