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MC Online 2014 Product Showcase

Imagine an education unhindered by boundaries, enhanced with innovative technology, and delivered through a holistic platform that encourages creativity, independent exploration and a passion to learn. Primary and Secondary school teachers from schools in Singapore were presented with this picture at MC Online’s 2014 Product Showcase at Singapore Marriott Hotel.

Held on 20th September 2013, this year’s showcase was based on the theme “Transcending Boundaries, Transforming Learning”, and highlighted MC Online’s hope to go beyond boundaries of time and space to inspire in students, a multitude of possibilities in education to help them thrive in a fast-developing, globalised world. This theme was epitomized in an in-depth dialogue session comprising the sharing of salient ICT-integrated teaching methods and insights from industry experts, and a showcase of MC Online’s latest innovations aimed at shaping an education of the future. 
Mr Chng Eng Leok, General Manager, MC Online, commenced the session with a lively welcome address
Opened by Mr Chng Eng Leok, MC Online’s General Manager, the session commenced with a stimulating keynote presentation by Dr Lynde Tan, Lecturer at the Learning Sciences and Technologies (LST) Academic Group in the National Institute of Education (NIE).  Focusing on learning in the digital media age, Dr Tan’s presentation highlighted the new culture of learning and the ways in which educators could enhance their teaching practices to accommodate this new culture. Her inspiring words were extremely successful in engaging the educators, who listened attentively to her insights and experiences of adapting forms of new media for school learning to encourage both self-directed and collaborative learners.
Dr Lynde Tan, Lecturer at NIE, gave an inspiring keynote address "A School Outside the School: Learning in the Digital Media Age", which was a hit with the educators

Following Dr Tan’s keynote presentation was an insightful sharing session by three schools - South View Primary School, Queenstown Primary School and Yishun Secondary School. The first speaker, Mrs Shanthi Vijay, HOD of Infocomm Technology (ICT) at South View Primary School shared her experience of her school’s implementation of Google Sites, Google Docs and MindMeister (a mind mapping tool), to harness the different strengths of pupils, and synergise learning. Her lively presentation included insightful explanations of the ways in which her school leverages the different collaborative platforms to motivate students to learn and interact beyond school boundaries. 
Mrs Shanthi Vijay, HOD of ICT, South View Primary School, engaged guests with her experience on how to "Synergise and Celebrate Differences!"
Mr Chris Siew, HOD of ICT from Queenstown Primary School was the next speaker. Highlighting the importance of providing students with opportunities to demonstrate their understanding, and allowing students to share ideas and feedback with their peers, Mr Siew expounded on the best strategies to support meaningful learning with ICT through viable examples of integrating Math Buddies and Social Learning Wall into school learning.
Mr Chris Siew, HOD of ICT, Queenstown Primary School, shared his insight on "Making Maths Meaningful to Students with ICT"
Representing Yishun Secondary School was Mr Tan Hong Peng, HOD of ICT. Delivering a humourous presentation on the framework for new media in education, Mr Tan engaged the audience with his succinct explanation of his school’s learning journey with ICT and the steps to take for the future.
Mr Tan Hong Peng, HOD of ICT, Yishun Secondary School, delivered a humorous presentation on "Creating an Active ICT Environment in School" 
After the teachers’ insightful sharing, Mr Richard Tan, MC Online’s Senior Manager, concluded the session with a detailed presentation of MC Online’s new and enhanced features and content. Some exciting additions for the new school year include premium interactive content from Amazing Edu and Universal Curriculum, as well as enhanced teaching and learning tools such as our Mobile App, Reading Log and Holistic Assessment.

Mr Richard Tan, Senior Manager at MC Online, unveiled exciting new tools, features and content
Participants were then treated to live demonstrations of the new content and tools at the exhibition area. Featuring dynamic simulations, powerful manipulatives and stunning animations, the exhibitions left a great impression on the educators with their visually stimulating and pedagogically sound learning elements. With the goal of transforming learning in mind, MC Online aims to paint the picture of a 21st century education into a reality.
Participants had a blast at the exhibition area, and were impressed with the holistic learning elements embodied in our innovative solutions
MC Online wishes to thank all participants and guest speakers for contributing to the success of the event.
A big thank you to our guest speakers and all participants!
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