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Foreign Delegates Visit Singapore Schools And Attend Workshop By MC Online

With its impressive reputation as the Number 1 e-learning solutions provider in the Philippines, Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online) recently organised a workshop and two school visits for a group of eminent Filipino school leaders that allowed them to have an in-depth view of the ICT-integrated curriculum adopted by schools in Singapore.

From 16th to 17th May 2013, 33 delegates, consisting of superintendents, presidents, executive directors, and National Board Members from 31 schools in the Philippines were able to experience how MC Online’s premier digital innovations enhance the ICT practices used in schools, and enrich learning for students. With over 150 schools in the Philippines already actively integrating MC Online’s learning solutions with their curriculum, the school leaders were eager to learn the reason behind the prevalence of our solutions in their country.
The delegates were given a warm welcome by Dr Tay Hui Yong, Vice Principal of NYGH (second from right) and Mr Paul Tan Tah Wah, NYGH’s HOD of ICT (extreme right) during their first school visit to NYGH
The participants started their learning journey with a visit to Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH), where they were given an overview of the elite school’s ICT practices. Mr Paul Tan Tah Wah, NYGH’s HOD of ICT illustrated the school’s approach to an extended classroom that went beyond the four walls, and the flexibility with which ICT allowed teachers to work in. He also elaborated on the school’s 1-1 computing programme in which students are each given an iPad to learn with, and showed video examples of the students using the devices. As the only school in Singapore using iPads to facilitate 21st century learning, the school visit to NYGH was imperative in providing the delegates with useful tips and knowledge on how to implement similar programmes in their schools. 

Mr Paul Tan explained his school’s concept of 21st century learning to the delegates and elaborated with video-recorded lessons of students learning using ICT
A tour of the school enabled the delegates with the knowledge of the facilities needed to support a 21st century learning environment and was undoubtedly a great learning opportunity for them.

Delegates were given a tour of the school and were able to experience NYGH’s 21st century learning environment firsthand
The next day, the participants visited MC Online’s headquarters at Times Centre for a workshop highlighting the technology-enabled learning framework in Singapore schools, and the role MC Online plays in providing the support and infrastructure to help schools establish this framework. The informative learning session, led by Mr Jasmond Ng, MC Online’s Assistant General Manager of Sales & Marketing, allowed the delegates to see why MC Online’s solutions have been such a remarkable success in the Philippines.

Participants paid close attention during the workshop, and gained many valuable insights and ideas on integrating ICT into curriculum
The participants were then brought to West View Primary School (WVPS) where Mdm Rashidah Abdul Rasip, Principal of WVPS welcomed the delegates and gave them an overview of the school. Mdm Ngiam Wee Heng, WVPS’ HOD of ICT followed with an outline of the school’s journey and outcome of innovating with ICT. Two precocious students even gave the delegates a pleasant surprise by showing them an award-winning invention they had designed themselves.

Mdm Rashidah Abdul Rasip, Principal of WVPS, gave the delegates a rousing welcome to WVPS

WVPS’ HOD of ICT, Mdm Ngiam highlighted some of the results of the school’s ICT practices before having 2 students give a short presentation to the delegates

The participants were then brought around the school where they got to experience the school’s ICT practices for themselves during science and English lessons.  Students in the science class were each given tablets and assigned tasks to complete both individually and in small groups. The delegates were impressed by how engaged the primary school students were when working on the tablets, and were especially taken with how both collaborative and independent learning could be carried out when using the mobile devices.

A science lesson using tablets enabled students to engage both in individual assignments, and collaborative work with their peers

The delegates also participated in an English lesson conducted in a computer lab where they observed students using computers to complete assignments on MC Online’s portal after watching online videos and animations. The students’ attentiveness during the lesson amazed the delegates considerably, and inspired many of them to consider carrying out similar implementations in their own schools.

Delegates observed an English lesson held in a computer lab in which students used web tools and media to complete assignments on MC Online’s portal

The 2-day session was an extremely fruitful one for the delegates. “This was a really good session!” said one of the delegates when commenting on the valuable insights he had gained from the workshop and the school visits. His sentiment was echoed by many of the other participants who joined him in giving the session much positive feedback.

MC Online wishes to thank Nanyang Girls’ High School and West View Primary School for their gracious hospitality in hosting the two school visits.

Participants were extremely happy with the many useful insights they gained from the workshop and school visits

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