Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MC Online Hosts School Leaders From Indonesia

With the emphasis on providing a holistic education for young learners of today, Marshall Cavendish Online (MC Online) recently organised the School Leaders’ Advancing Curriculum with Technology (SL ACT) programme for a delegation of 20 Indonesian school leaders consisting of principals, heads of schools and academics, directors, members of school management and curriculum coordinators.

Held on 13th March 2013, the programme highlighted the integral role Infocomm Technology (ICT) plays in building a solid framework for 21st century education in an increasingly connected world. To let the delegates have a taste of digital learning in a 21st century classroom, they were brought to South View Primary School to see and experience for themselves the best practices of incorporating ICT into teaching and learning.

The enthusiastic participants were given a warm welcome at South View Primary School (SVPS) where they were treated to an in-depth presentation on the school’s implementation of ICT in its curriculum. HOD of ICT, Mrs Shanthi Vijay Anand shared her experience of the school’s ICT practices and gave her views on the benefits brought about by the ICT-integrated approach to teaching and learning in SVPS.
Mrs Jenny Yeo, Principal of SVPS (above, left), gave an overview of the school and its curriculum. Mrs Shanthi Vijay Anand, HOD ICT of SVPS (above, right) shared the school's ICT practices with the delegates
For a first-hand experience of a normal school day with ICT-infused lessons, the delegates were brought on a school tour where they were encouraged to observe and participate in lessons utilising digital learning tools and objects. The tour commenced with a pair of precocious students outlining a science trail lesson on the flora and fauna in the school’s gardens using iPads, intriguing the delegates with the innovative nature of the lesson. 
Two bubbly students demonstrating the use of digital learning tools in mapping out a science trail
The next part of the school tour enabled participants to see how MC Online’s Learning Portal and its interactive activities are used to engage students in lessons. In English class, the delegates were able to see how students use English Buddy’s animated practices and guided tutorials to improve their English language skills independently. 
An English lesson using English Buddy and its interactive resources to help students independently practise and hone their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

In maths class, delegates observed the usage of an interactive white board to teach mathematics concepts like division and multiplication of fractions using MC Online’s multimedia maths tutorials. They were impressed with the students’ enthusiastic participation in class discussions and their level of engagement in doing the maths activities together.
A maths lesson using MC Online's multimedia mathematics activities saw the active participation of students in a class discussion, and the enthusiastic volunteering of students in demonstrating maths concepts using digital tools on the interactive white board

The participants were also encouraged to interact with the students during science class. Held in a computer lab, the digital learning session enabled the delegates to see how students use MC Online’s learning portal to complete captivating science tutorials.  The delegates marvelled at the students’ complete immersion in the lively animations and graphics, and lauded the digital learning approach for its high levels of student engagement.
Students working on MC Online's animated science practices were all smiles during the class

After seeing the ICT-integrated approach to education in action, the delegates were brought to Times Centre for a workshop examining the need for digital learning and how to best harness ICT for learning. The informative session commenced with a lively presentation by Mr Jasmond Ng, MC Online’s Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing. Underscoring the need for a technology plan with current trends inclining towards the digital learning approach in today’s globalized world, he gave his insights on the blended learning approach and its benefits to an attentive audience.
Mr Jasmond Ng, MC Online's Assistant General Manager of Sales & Marketing illustrated the know-how to building a strong foundation in providing a holistic education using an ICT-integrated approach
Mr Ng then proceeded to the next part of the workshop - “How to Create a Pervasive Use of e-learning in Your School” where he highlighted the preparation infrastructure and change management involved in establishing an ICT-infused framework in school curriculum.

To conclude the enriching workshop, Mr Adi Hermawan, MC Online’s Training Manager emphasised the importance of cyber wellness education in school. With his knowledge and experience from working with schools, he explained the basic framework of establishing a safe and secure cyber environment for students to learn in.

Mr Adi Hermawan, MC Online's Training Manager expounded on the importance of cyber wellness, and how to create a secure environment for digital learning
 Having had a fruitful day at South View Primary School and Times Centre, the SL ACT programme was a huge hit with the delegates who were extremely pleased with the many insights they had gained and gave the workshop much positive feedback.
Participants gained many valuable insights and much knowledge from the programme
MC Online wishes to thank all participants for contributing to the success of the event, and is grateful to South View Primary School for its gracious hosting of the school visit. 

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