Thursday, April 25, 2013

School Leaders Of Chinese Schools In The Philippines Visit MC Online

Having established itself as the leading e-learning solutions and services provider in the Philippines, Marshall Cavendish Online’s (MC Online’s) strong reputation was further strengthened with newly found support and praise from the Association of Chinese-Filipino Schools in the Philippines – the most well-known association in the country with a membership of 120 schools.

The dramatic success MC Online’s digital solutions have been in local Filipino schools has garnered the interest of eminent school leaders of Chinese schools in the Philippines. For the first time ever, 16 sprightly directors, supervisors, principals, presidents and vice presidents from schools that are members of the aforementioned association headed down to MC Online’s office at Times Centre for a professional development workshop on 13th April 2013 to learn about the integration of Infocomm Technology (ICT) into Singapore’s educational structure and system.

With MC Online’s premier digital solutions already empowering over 150 schools in the Philippines, MC Online’s office was the best place for the educators to understand how learning has evolved in today’s digital era, and how MC Online’s e-learning services accommodate the changing landscape of education.
In the spirit of continuous learning, school leaders were rapt with attention during the workshop and took notes diligently
The workshop presented an in-depth view of Singapore’s educational infrastructure with a focus on the integration of ICT into curriculum. Speaking about the need for a digital approach to pedagogy, Mr Jasmond Ng, MC Online’s Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing, highlighted the role MC Online plays in meeting the educational needs of schools with its fun and innovative online learning solutions. He also illustrated several pertinent examples of how MC Online’s multimedia curriculum effectively engaged students and enriched their learning processes.
Mr Jasmond Ng, MC Online's Assistant General Manager of Sales & Marketing expounded on the need to go digital on the educational frontier, and engaged his attentive audience with his informative dialogue on the best strategies on how to do so
Participants were extremely interested in the examples of e-learning in schools he brought up, and were brimming with curiosity about MC Online’s Learning Portal’s capabilities. They were particularly impressed with MC Online’s Chinese language e-learning content and were excited to try it out for themselves.

The school educators proved that learning was a lifelong process as they asked questions to learn more about the role of ICT in enriching learning

The session ended with the awarding of certificates to the participants to mark the completion of their learning journey over the 3-day period. 
Participants were happy to receive certificates that marked the completion of their learning journey
The workshop received an immense amount of positive feedback from the school leaders - “It was really good! I learnt a lot from this session!” said an enthusiastic participant.
The learning session was an extremely productive one for the school leaders who were effusive in singing its praises

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